Habeeb Samhoun and Noha Jadayel
Pages about my son's maternal great grandparents
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Last update: March 11, 2004 . Click on a picture to enlarge.

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Habeeb Samhoun

Noha Jadayel
Father's Name Hassan Samhoun Hussein Mohamad Jadayel
Mother's Name Khadiji Karanouh Yesir Jamil
Children Ihsan, Habib, Hanan, Hayat, Hassanah, Montaha, Hassan
Talents Civil Servant, thinker and progressive promoter Survivalist, dogmatic, funny, loves simplicity and fun

Pictures of Habeeb and Nouha

Haji Nouha with her eldest daughter, confident and friend Ihsan (my mother-in-law)

الحجة مع ابنتها المفضلة احسان

The haji elegant as ever

الحجة نهى بأناقتها المعهودة

Habeeb with his Ford T Model, one of the first in Lebanon

حبيب سمهون مع سيارته الفورد - من أول السيارات في لبنان

Nouha with her daughters: Hayat, Ihsan and their ever friend Rafika. Her son Habib is behind.

الحجة نهى مع بناتها احسان و حياة و صديقة العائلة رفيقة. و حبيب الابن يقف خلف السور.