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Mr. Accad Our Mr. (Rev. Lucian) Accad has retired. I owe him my French communication Skill. I have great memories.
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Who Are We?



In October 1974,
47 enthusiatic students
started their school year looking
for a bright future. Mr. Abu Rahmeh,
who was the principal, divided them
into two sections: Senior 4A and Senior 4B.
The year was crucial for them. They were going
to face a milestone of their manhood: sit for the Brevet Examiniations.
That year was more influential on their lives
than they expectd. It was the year when the Lebanese
war started. It changed their lives. It was the last year when
they all met again.

They got scattered around
the world. To us, as George
Meamari calls it, it was
class of Peace and
War. For the memory
of these days, this web site was created.

Students of Senior IV





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