Who is Aboluay?

About me

  • I challenge the obvious to reach a better understanding.
  • I prefer pragmatism over traditionalism
  • I believe in the rights of others to disagree with me in opinion, beliefs, values and choices. I struggle peacefully to keep these rights applicable.
  • I am proud that I change my opinion when I find a better one. Never surrender your right to convince me as long as you are wise, funny and light hearted.
  • I do not respect the beliefs of other only, I sincerely believe in what they believe.
  • I strive to learn and share… and to help others to discover their full potential to grow.

Aboluay is my nickname. In my culture, my name changes the moment I get my first  boy and start carrying his name. Luay is my 18 years old “baby boy”, so my name becomes the father of Luay, or Abo Luay. I haven’t kept very few of my parents culture. This is one of them. I like it because it allows me to rename myself through naming my child. Think about it!

What is in the name

Luay is a universal name that is used by many cultures and translated to many languages. The first Luay was the son of Jacob translated to Levi in English, Lawi in Hebrew and Arabic, Louis in English and Luis in French to name a few. There are stories that it means the “Lion” thus the name Leo is derived from. In Arabic, it has the meaning of raging bull and it is known the one great grand father of the prophet was called Lou-ay. In Hebrew, Levy, Levi or Lawi is the son of Jacob the tribe that produce the priests.

Anas, is another Semitic name that has many translations. In Hebrew, it is Anosh, the son of Seth the son of Adam whom all the prophets are linked to. In Arabic, the first Anas was Anasullah, the son of Seth the father of the human from Adam after the death of Abel and the bewildernment of Cain. This is why humans in arabic are called Ansan, as a derivative of Anas. In English, the name could be used as Anoch or Enoch, depending on the reference.

Places I Lived In

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Australia Alberta Abu Dhabi Bahrain
Canada Lebanon Saudi Dubai
Ontario Quebec Ottawa Montreal
Qatar Singapore France Turkey
Philadelphia New York Virginia Maryland
Jordan Thailand California Hawaii
Boston   Toronto  Edmonton  North Carolina
Bulgaria   Sharjah  Fort McMurray  Kuwait
Mexico Syria Connecticu

Places i have visited

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