Should online teachers be requested to take training?

Question: Should teachers who want to teach in online programs be required to take some specialized training in the pedagogy of online learning and instructional design for online learning? If so, what should that look like? If not, why not?

Good teachers who focus on learner’s success will be able to do well in the classroom as well as the online teaching because their focus in students’ learning and not covering the material.  They will not require a formal pedagogical training. They might require training on some technical tools. These teachers, usually, request the training themselves or they will teach themselves. In most cases, they will be happy with a self paced online course. They might prefer collaborative activities that help them discover their online teaching style.

The remaining teachers should be asked to attend formal training, on the pedagogy, andragogy, network learning, methodologies as well as the technology. The training activities should have the following components:

  1. An online component.
  2. A face to face component.
  3. A component that addresses the shift they need to make to their teaching style.
  4. A component that helps them manage the online technologies, tools and methodologies.
  5. A component that exposes them to different teaching activities and methodologies that applies to online learning.
  6. A self learning component.

The delivery style should have a mix between behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism. A “crowd learning” component would add value. They need to be exposed to connectivism though this will be for the advanced earners.

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