UMTrends11: Pictorial Trends Tracking infrastructure

I am still working on my tracking environment. As of today, 15 October 2011, the environment I use to track trends is depicted in the below diagram (Click on the image to enlarge it):


As the diagram shows, I divided the infrastructure into three areas:

(1) Sourse: that is the sources I used to get information related to advancement in technology, teaching and learning.

(2) Filtering: that is the list of tools I use to aggregate and filter the information I get. I have categorized the tools based on when do I get the information. The real-time help me get instantaneous information on my mobile devices. The hourly tools are the tools I check for 1 minute every hour. The others are self explanatory.

(3) Storing: that is the tools I used to store the information I need to act on later. I have grouped the storing tools into two types: the cloud tools that allow me to access the information anytime, anywhere and any-device, and the local storage on my home server storage for safe keeping.