Reading: 3 types of People

Another interesting article I read recently is about the Creative Leader by Howard G. Haas. Some of the brilliance in his areticle are:

– There are 3 type of people in business: Value Destroyers, Value Creators and the workers.

– Value Destroyer look at short term, consequently destroy assets and events.

– Value creators are those who set foundations for improved productivity that creates wealth, new possibilities and vitality.

– The workers are those who do the work and require little vision.

A creative leader requires:

  1. Technical Competency in at least one aspect of the business
  2. People Competency: communication and listening to spoken words as well as the unspoken feeling.
  3. Conceptual Skills
  4. Participants observer: Creating vision that creates value. This is golden!
  5. Learning Skill: Ready, fire, aim, fire again”. ┬áThe entire life of a leader is a learing experience.
  6. Character:
  7. Optimism.