Reading: Buckingham view about managers

Marcus Buckingham is my favorite thinker. I find many of his ideas easy to grasp. Recently, I re-read an old article he wrote in the Leadership Excellent magazine that I like to summarize some of the ideas for future reference:

– In the US, 26% are engaged employees (happy & productive), 55% are notĀ engagedĀ (just putting time) and 19% are actively disengaged (unhappy and spreading negativity). Leaders should increase the first category, decrease the third category by surveying their employees every 6 months.

– Stop trying to change people. Try to help them become more of who they are (my lifelong philosophy).

– Leaders are not the most important person in the company. The middle managers are. (My daily prayer).

– Stop looking for the outside for help, the solutions to all problems exist inside.

– Don’t assume everybody wants your job!