Ideation and the Deception of Intelligence

Ideation… is one type of talent very few people posses… it is a talent owned by a person who thinks… whose brain generate ideas as the speed of thought… ideas here and ideas there… a certain situation creates multitude of probababilities….

Ideation is the core talent required for creativity, lateral thinking, logical analysis, high IQ, problem solving, and few thousand other virtues… we are brought up with the concepts that we should all have these virtues for success… or should we? Buckigham in his book: “Now Discover your Strength!” has identified ideation as one of the 34 talents. Since every a person would have 5 dominant talents, rough calculation suggests that 1 in every 170 persons around us has this ideation talent… this means, on a globe of 4 Billion people, at least 23 Million have ideation as their talent…

Here is my point: ideation without thought control becomes hindrance… in one scenario, an ideation person can be creative in creating problems rather than solutions (this is tagged as a negative person!). In another possibility, an ideation person might create a virtual reality that superseeds real reality (tagged as dreamer!) In a third scenario, which is an extreme case, an ideation person might live the virtual world created by his ideas… which many might call schizophrenic. A person who believes in the “conspiracy theory” is an ideation person whose brain can link together coincidences, relate them to actual facts then conclude that these concidences are based on a well plotted scheme… I can give a lot of negative examples of applying ideation (email me if you want a complete list!)… In all these cases, the ideation person genuinly believes he or she is living in the real world. An excellent demonstration of this fact has been portrait in the 4 Oscars winner movie “A Beautiful Mind“….

As you can see, the misuse of a virteous talent can lead to a deceptve intelligence!

In my opinion, and experience, the only way to make ideation work for you would be to learn to practice to “shut down” your brains just in time to avoid getting into the negativity realm (again, watch Beautiful Minds to see an example)… to do this, you need to learn the basics of meditation (in any form). Meditation, for me, is the excercise of controling your thought. It is a practice to discover that you, as a human being, have a higher (maybe a lower?) thought reality that you need to bring forward to control the conceived thoughts…

The simplest meditation excercie to control your thougt would be to focus one thought (it could be an idea, a sound youmake, a seen you see, anything… you choose)…. when you are doing that, your thoughts will deviate you to other idea (usually a problem on your mind… this is normal)…once you recognize that, refocus on the original thought. … practicing this excercise for a while, will give you the consciousness to control your thought and make focus on the positive ideation and not the negative… There are many other different techniques that are popularly practiced (TM, Yoga, Ziker, etc…) that would be as effective… it is yor choice….

Am I making sense? Tell me…. more tocome later.