Politics: The Syrian Revolution is not a FaceBook Revolution

The Syrian revolution has reached a critical mass needed for its success… but it is not a FaceBook revolution. The people administering their FaceBook pages do not show any type of a Wikipedian nor Facebookian mentality or attitude. They still use the same methods of the traditional revolutionary thought that focuses on history, religion, sympathy, guilt feeling, traditional tribal feelings etc.

The young people on the streets might have that kind or mentality. But you cannot tell because the communication from inside the activists are controlled and limited. My gut feeling tells me that the Wikipedian/Facebookian in Syria, if any, would be in the larger cities like Damascus and Allepo. But neither of these two places have moved effectively on the ground.

All I wish is the the Syrian people get their freedom to soar. They might need another generation to get to where Egyptians are now, but it is worth the wait.