[[CCK11]]: Is Connectivism Accepted?

One of my “connectee” on the Facebook asked: “Is Connectivism already accepted as a Learning Theory?”…

I replied first saying: “Good Question” just to lock myself to the discussion hoping someone would give a good answer. Then I did a mini research then I commented with:

Short answer: Not Yet.

Long answer: Connectivsm creates a new paradigm where “acceptance” is determined by the “connected masses” and not necessarily by the academicians.

So, if you are asking if it is academically accepted, the answer is “not yet”, for the academics will require a long time to decide (I have seen academic researches with and against the idea). But the process is still going*.

If you are asking if it is accepted by the masses? The answer is another “not yet”. The number of individuals who are accepting the concept is increasing. But it did not reach a critical mass to call it a global acceptance. I think it will get there soon*.

Is there someone out there who would like to make me a better person by proving me wrong?

PS: * This is my opinion as of NOW. I am ready to change it the moment someone/something convince me otherwise. So, don’t stop trying to convince me otherwise!

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