[[CCK11]]: Connectivism and Collaboration

Trying to answer the question: “how connectivism and collaboration are similar, yet, different. Or, are they? “, I commented:

In my opinion, connectivism and collaboration are different.

As of today, I understand connectivism to be “connection(s) that induce learning”. While collabrotion, on the other hand, is “connection to reach an outcome”. They will be the same if, and only if, the outcome is learning.

Note that, in connectivism, collaboration is not essential; especially when the connection is established with a none human entity (like Google search or a database!)…

Then I got this reply from one of the connectees on the site

I do not think they are mutually exclusive and tend to think of them both as, perhaps, contiguous and both contained in the flow of processes in learning. What is learning? How, and by whom, is learning determined? The short answer, for me, is … it depends 🙂 … there are many variables and possible permutations.

What do you think?”

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Collaboration is the mechanics of connectivisim.
One connect to establish a process of learning, acquiring or exchange knowledge and collaborate by assisting, taking part and or advocate towards a common goal.
So collaboration is the engine that reves by as much as connectivisim is throtelled towards (to know) a a specific common interest… at such a point collaboration takes over.