When will I do the leap?

This morning, I was thinking about the sturcutre of this weblog… I discovered I still have a lot of leaping to do to move to a newer learning paradigm… or as Etien calls it, new learning community

I have a strong belief that “Organized Chaos” — or what I call Google Way, — is the new trend of living, thinking and working. This means, do not store items incategories, just throw them anywhere in any order, and use technology to sort them out, exactly like Google or Gmail do. The “structured approach” popularized by the Industrial society is becoming obsolete. I believe in that. It is part of my “knowledge“… yet I do not apply it… so it did not elevate to become applied knowledge– i.e. Wisodm.

As a proof to this, is the structure of this weblog. Instead of having the ideas thrown in with no order and allowing the search engine to organize it, I still use cateogries to organize my thoughts… When will I do the leap? Days will tell!

If you are reading this, please comment on them and tell me I am not crazy!


It confuses me! I just discover that I have to to click on the category to read more…Now who is crazy?!!