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Aboluay's (Anas) Musings - Capturing Thoughts Before They Perish

[CCK11] A scholar in Connectivism

Below is a summary of my contribution to the question “What makes you a scholar in digital environments” posted on Facebook CCK11 group (join the group):

A digital scholar is yet to be defined. Traditionally, scholars are those who received formal education, recognized by a group of scholars and, to some degree, “retain the knowledge in their brain”. I advocate to leave the term “scholar” …to the traditional school system and device a new descriptor for the digital arena. I suggest something like “connected”.

Don’t forget, in connectivism, you will not retain the knowledge yourself, but you master the skill to mine for it when needed.

then I added:

Google “invisible college” which is the precursor to “scholarship”. You will discover that connectivity for the sake of creation of knowledge outside academia is very old and is still popular till today. Even between distant individuals. Technology just made it instantaneous and more accessible to the layperson.

Just thought to share. Any reactions?