Why I chose Aboluay

In my parents’ culture, it is customary to change a person’s name after the birth of the first boy. A father will add “abo” to the name of his first born son, while the mother adds “Um”. My first born (and only) son is Luay. So, I become Aboluay. My wife is Umluay!

I have rejected many of my ancestors’ traditions and myths. I kept few of them that suited me. This is one of them. Think about it, your name is one of the few things you own that you never choose. With this nice traditional trick, you have a chance to rename your self to a name you choose. Although I like my original name, Anas (which is the name of Adam’s grandson, Anosh), but many of my western acquaintances mispronounce it. So, Aboluay, is a convenient solutions!

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