You are now inside my brain… you will read thoughts that comes to my mind… they might root and become part of my personality or they will be dust blowing in the wind… time only proves.

Welcome to Anas Eljamal weblog. I use AboLuay as my cybername (it literally means the father of Luay… and Luay is my real son!). I am married to Sana who works in Leadership training besides running her CoffeeNews newspaper in Fort McMurray where we live.

About Me

The quickest way to describe myself is as a person who like to challenge the obvious to come up with a better understanding of life. My heart is in education and human growth while my brain is in IT and it intriguing applications. I an an open book and you can find more about me on my own website which outlines my experience; on FaceBook that shows you my daily activities (add me to your friends to see more of my life) and few other online places like twitter, wave, google, Wikipedia and MSN.

I have been working in education all my professional life. Different hats and different responsibilities. From the bottom of the education food chain (i.e. assistant instructor) to the top of the Chain (i.e. C.I.O.). Still, I always teach one course every semester just to stay close to the young mind. This helps me to understand the younger generation which allows me to offer them technology that is suitable for their emerging learning style.

You can find on the web my philosophies about work, leadership, Knowledge Technology, education and my favourite topic: Controling Instincts.

My Present Work

Presently, I am working as a Chief Innovations Officer at Keyano College in Northern Alberta. My role is to work with the college on introducing new educational paradigms that suits the learning styles of the students of the area, meet the expectation of the market and above all prepare the graduates of the college to be successful in their future endeavors.

Why EDDL514?

I expect that the EDDL514 course help me evolve my philosophies about eudcation and technology to new levels that were not familiar to me.

My Belief-set

  • I challenge the obvious to reach a better understanding.
  • I prefer pragmatism over traditionalism
  • I believe in the rights of others to disagree with me in opinion, beliefs, values and choices. I struggle peacefully to keep these rights applicable.
  • I am proud that I change my opinion when I find a better one. Never surrender your right to convince me as long as you are wise, funny and light hearted.
  • I do not respect the beliefs of other only, I sincerely believe in what they believe.
  • I strive to learn and share… and to help others to discover their full potential to grow.