eNomad communication technology

So far, my telecommunication devices are not convenient. I carried with me a phone, iPad and a laptop. My iPad had a Bell data plan. It worked well in Canada but failed measurably in the US. I changed to Mobility Roaming, but was a disaster. slower than a snail. I found difficulty finding good wireless provider in the US. Most salesperson would not help a visiting Canadian to get a good deal for all they were trained on is getting a long term plan.

After three days of trial, and few states later, I was able to get a good deal from an AT&T guy in the outskirts of DC who just gave me a microSIM and said: set it up. It worked. I chose the 5G/$30 deal for it meets my need. Good deal. Speed is good. I’m satisfied.

This solution was suitable for most of my need. The annoyances include missing signals, non-coverage in most rural area. Loss of 4g coverage. The most annoying feature is the disconnections that happens with Google Latitude. It could not keep track of my location regularly.

One good feature of the AT&T is the massive number of WiFi locations across the US which includes (like Bell) Starbucks and McDonalds.

the iPad was a very useful tool for many of the tasks which I will cover later. For now, the AT&T and iPad is a good tool to complement the GPS. Additionally, it was not bad to keep connected with my PhD team and doing some of my PhD assignments.

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