The 3 Management Styles

After attending an agile workshop, I came to a conclusion that there are 3 management styles:

 1- Traditional: which is based on the famous watefall approach. It is structured, sequential with a clear start and end. It is suitable for strategising and long term planning with a year as a basic unit.

2- Agile: which is shorter in nature, allows shifting of objectives when needed and always aligns itself to new initiatives. 30 days is a normal duration although shorter could be considered.

Both of the above methods neccessitates the face-2-face synchrnous meetings.

3- Wiki: is a new concept I like to start investigating. It is based on the famous Wikinomics book. Its premises is a derivative of the Agile Management, however, the teams may or may not know each other and they work in an asynchronous modes. The parameters needs to be identified.