A Year in Review

it has been almost a year since I contributed to this blog. I have been contributing to other blogs, especially the one I communicate with my son. I felt I need to write something to this one for future discovery.

During this year, many things happened:

(1) I started losing weight without dieting. It is either I am fatally ill, or Louise hay’s theory works. During this year, I was able to overcome feeling guilty. One complexity down, few hundred to go. But since I did that, I started losing weight although I am eating normally! Are they related? is it coincidence? Louise says “No” why reason says “yes

(2) My wife and I felt the prosperity of Canada. We bought another house for $850K. This was a major step that made us understand the brilliant Canadian way of living. The value of both houses on the mortgage side is 1.2M, while their market value is 1.5M! So, we made a profit of $300K in spending more! Brilliant.

(3) Another characteristic of Fort Mac is the boom factor. The mortgage payment of both of our houses is $6400/month. We rented the first house for $3500 and the second one has a potential of renting the basement for $2500. So, practically, we bought both houses for $400 per month… it is the beauty of Canadian economy and the boom of Fort Mac, or as they call it here, Fort McMoney!

(4) My wife’s business is booming. The first year, she made around $25,000. The second year, it reached $60,000. Now, it has approached $80K. Canada is a great place.

(5) My son is growing in wisdom. He mazes me. I am convinced that if we protect our children from ourselves (as parents) we create wise children. it is a paradox, but for some reason, it is working with my son. 80% of his knowledge is created by himself (not from school, society or family.) By himself. To date, I taught him 3 things: How to be independent, how to be a life-long learner and how to make cappuccino with our new “push one button to make cappuccino” machine. I am so proud of him.