Do Arabs Learn (3)

Here we play the same game again… a game we have been playing since 1948, and we as Arabs we are losing… we do not learn… we do not cope to leave NOW without being influenced by the past.

Hezbolla impressed me with the way they handled the latset war. They played the media well… they played restrain well… they convinced the Lebanese that they are winning although their country is being destroyed, building at a time, bridge at a time, TV antenna at a time… Hezbolla fighters showed overwhelming courage and persevrance. Their fighters showed defiance to death and taught the Isareli army the real meaning of bravery. The Israeli’s are protecting theselves with tanks, jet fighters and smart weaponry. Hezbolla figheters are protecting themselves with their bare chest, prayer and faith… this is overwhelming.

However, are they wining the war? It is a matter of point of reference!

Hezbolla is playing a “tarneeb” card game following “Leekha” rules. Everytime they “eat” a hand, Hezbolla feels victorious, while Israel feel it is giving a box! Both are playing in a different paradigm rules:

Hezbolla do not believe in the social economy. They do not understand that a country need to have an income to reduce inflation. Their money comes from God. Israel survives on strong economy. The last war destroyed Lebanese economy but not the Israeli.

Hezbolla thinks if their leaders survive, they win the battle. Consequently, their battle will be considered “mars” (i.e. double victory) if the Israeli government collapses. This is wrong. Israel is something while government is something else.

… (I will continue some other time)…

Hezbolla will win this war because the chest, prayer and faith will survive. They will win a war that they really believe in. They do not believe in economy. They do not believe that the roof is necessary for the survival of any human. If a wall is destroyed, it will be built again. Hezbolla is not driven by Mosley Hierarchy of Needs. Israel is. You may destroy all of Lebanon, from North to South, but if Nasrollah survives then Hezbolla will win. Hezbolla thinks if a n Israeli government goes due to war, Hezbolla wins. This is their winning point of reference. Not Israel point of view.

However, Hezbolla is losing the battle. For me, an Arab, Moslem, Lebanese, I really feel Hezbolla is losing the battle. For them to win the battle, and consequently the war, they need to follow the international point of reference. They need to fight the Israelis according to Israel point of reference… not Hezbolla point of reference. Fighting Israel with weaponry and bravery will always make Israel win. Israel get its “teriak” through war. With evey military war we fight with Israel will give Israel 10 more years to survive (Do your calculation.) When Israel reach a point where peace is on the corner, a military starts miraculously (and stupidly, we always give Israel the reason to start a war!)

The way to win the war with Israel is through PEACE not WAR. If we have a 15 years of continuous peace, Israel will seize to exist. Or in other words, the Arabs will over shadow Israel existence. With 15 years of Peace, all the Arab contires will have a 10 times stronger economy over Israel! This will abosrb the Israelis. The Arab population in Israel will out number the Israeli population. Then any election will give supremacy to Arab voters…. Think about it

Hezbolla: you have shown bravery in war. Do you have the bravery to show bravery in peace? Fight Israel weakness:PEACE not their strength: WAR.

Do we learn?

I do not know.