Do Arabs learn? – Part 2

As promised, here is the continuation of the topic (check Part 1…)

Most Arabs believe changing your mind or beliefs is an example of deviousness. They bring up their children with the concept that a “Man is worth his word.” I accept this saying when you give a promise to someone else… you should keep it. However, I oppose the extended application of this sentence which prevent an individual from changing their mind or beliefs to the better.

For example: The Baathi leaders, especially in Syria, believe that their ideas, that were developed in the 1960’s, are still applicable today. They take pride in the belief that they never change their stand point. That their old beliefs are still firm and strong. Everyone around them have changed their standpoint but not them. They are proud of this stand. While, in my opinion, these leaders are committing a crime against themselves as well as their people. They did not learn from History or Politics. They are not willing to learn to change. They cannot comprehend that they did not achieve their objectives (their land is still occupied, freedom was not achieved, unity was not achieved and socialism is far fetched. These are the objectives of their regime!). Their people are suffering, and they left the country in a bad situation… Why? Why they are afraid of change? Why they are not ready to evolve their “culture”? Is it because they do not know how to learn? (again, check my definiton!)

Another Example: Some Moslems of today, espcially the fundemantalists, refuse to revisit ideas of their beliefs that were formulated at least 200 years ago (Yes. Check Islamic history. The fundematalist beliefs evolved many centuries after the death of the prophet! Check history my friend. They still refer to ideas and wisodm of individuals who died few centuries ago). They refuse to question any illogical concept that contradicts the saying of these elderly wisemen. They are afraid of facing a new realities if it contradicts a saysing by any of these old wise men. Why? Why they do not want to look at enriching the Islam to meet the challenges of new realities? is it because they do not know how to learn?

Yet another Example: In Lebanese politics, many leaders accuse other leaders that they change their mind based on new situations? (Please note that I do not refer to the hypocrites who change their mind for their personal gains… I am refering to leaders who are ready to meet the challenges of new political situation.) Why is this a mistake? Why shouldn’t a leader change his mind when he discovers a better way or if politics of today dedictates a new mindframe? Why shouldn’t Lebanese Forces partner with the Moslems? Why shouldn’t the Moslem vote for the Christians? Is it because the Lebanese donot know how to learn?

These are questions I am leaving them for myself hoping to get an answer sometime in the future.