Yesterday, I faced a situation which showed me that I still have to work a lot to become a “trans-paradigmatic” person. This means, to become an individual who can understand individuals from different paradigms.

Etienne calls the paradigm: Learning Communities. This is a concept where he classifies individuals into groups who have common value sets, knowledgebase and experience. Individuals within the same learning community can understand each other with no problem. The vocubulary used has the same connotation to all. An individual from the outside who joins the community will face difficulty understanding the termonology used although it is common spoken language.

Uptill now, I though I was able to develop a width of understanding that would allow me to gel well with any learning community. My move to Canada was a great successful proof, at least for me, that I am able to do it. It worked well with the new Fort Mac community where I was able to fit so well with all its social strata. Even I was able to communicate and understand the aboriginal community although I have never been exposed to them except through movies. I was happy. Until yesterday when I had to perform a “conflict resolution” excercise with one of my employees… to discover, after 2 hours of discussion, I was not able to get to his paradigm… consequently, I was not part of his learning community. And this caused more conflict for me than any solutions… so, I still have to work on it.

When I analysed the situation… and I am still… I discovered that I had many influences from outside that made me inclined to be on a different paradigm… This eye opeener made me rethink about the decision triad… are they 4 actually? Or are the external influences part of the passion instigator? This will require further soul searching.