Vacation 2008 – Part 1

I have decided to take a VERY LONG vacation. 6 weeks. I haven’t had a chance to have a vacation in the last 4 years. At all. So, I wanted to have this long vacation to re-energize (I am writing this blog on the 4th week of the vacation, but for some reason, I am not energized. I don’t know why. Maybe it is age! Maybe it is lack of aligning my objectives with my dreams. maybe it is fate. I hope I will know one day!)

So, I decided to have a 7 day retreat in Hawaii in my dream setting (A bungalow in the middle of the forest with somesort of a bar where I can have a drink with an umbrella and a cherry). So, I booked for a stay in the Kahala resort and made tentive plans to rent an RV and cruise the west side of California.

But my wife had a sudden sickness due to doctor stupid decision. Nothing fatal, but forced her to stay in bed for… 6 weeks… the same duration as my vacation… fate is playing its games again… I spent the first 2 weeks of the vacation with my wife… although it drained my energy further, but it made me think more about life. I left her on her third week when she was energized and headed to Hawaii… we stayed on constant contact with the technology: MSN was on her face in the bed 24/7 and I was able to see, hear and feel everything, especially her snoring which I need to sleep.

Fate is still playing tricks… and I am still too umwise the learn a lesson… although I am trying to understand it.