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Aboluay's (Anas) Musings - Capturing Thoughts Before They Perish

Politics: Syrian Revolution… again

I am with the Syrian people who are screaming for freedom, dignity and the right to live decent life. I have survived Syrian system brutality and understand what the young Syrian are passing through. Still, I do not see the Syrian revolution as elegant as the Egyptian revolution. There are many differences. The one I want to highlight in this post is “life”. When I witnessed the Egyptian revolution, I admired how much they valued the life of every single Egyptian person. I have not seen them advocating martyrdom to win the revolution. They called for each one to preserve their life so that they can enjoy the coming freedom. The multitude would cry dearly if ONE person got hurt. On the “We Are All Khaled” website, which has more than 1 million participants, thye lamented every hurt or agony an Egyptian passed through even if it was hunger.

The Syrian revolution is another story. On their website, they call for the Syrian to die for the sake of the revolution. They encourage them to die. I feel so sad when I see someone videoing a hurt person instead of helping him, only to show the world the brutality of the regime. I understand the rationale of their act. I do not agree with it. They want the world to see the brutalities to support the revolution. This is wrong. They should not reply on the support of the world to overthrow the regime. They should rely on themselves. They should protect every Syrian soul. Otherwise they prove that their values are in the wrong place. They will be the new tyrants. They still use the old archaic methods of playing on the nerves, the guilt feeling, the artificial heroism.

This is why I see the Egyptian revolution is more elegant. And this is the difference between the “culture of life” compared to the “culture of death”.

Again, I wish the Syrian get their freedom. They deserve to live in dignity. They are a great people.