Spirituality to me means knowing yourself… the more you discver your inner “you” the closer you will get to the upper power people call God. Spirituality, to me, is not getting into the metaphysical world where your power floats to grasp unnatural powers. It is simply a self journey to discover your innerself the way it is without the influence of tradition, reason, science, logic, religeon or any other external modifiers. Am I right? Let me know.

Triad and Religion: Questions about Trinity and Cognitive Triad?

A quick question: Does the Christian trinity relates to my 3 cognitive powers (internal, external and abstract)? Is the Holy Spirit the recognition of the Internal? Is the Father the recognition of the abstract while the son the recognition of the external physical reality? Did Jesus try to tell the followers to stop following the “religious line of thought” and endorse the philosophical line of thought (i.e. start thinking for oneself rather than following elder teaching)? Was it the real message of Jesus? Was his original message distorted to mean the holy trinity by wise men/woman who wanted to simplify it to the masses?

Many questions I am still looking for answers.

Triad and Religion: The Lenses

This is a continuation of the Triads I have been working on. Influenced by the ideas of Shahroue, I tend to look at religion through two different lenses that give two different perspectives about religion. One lens is the lens of beliefs based on human interpretation of the religion. The second lens is the lens of our today’s knowledge of the universe based on scientific discoveries.

For example: Satan is mentioned in many religions as the advocate of evil and the archenemy of God that drives us at a subconscious level to send us to hell. This is based on the first lens. If I want to use the second lens, I would use recent discoveries in psychology, sociology and neuroscience to say that Satan is the inner controlling instincts that drive us to do what we do not believe it is right. In psychology, this is the Id. So, in this lens mapping exercise, the Stan of religion is the ego of sciences.

Accepting this premise, re-reading religious beliefs would result in a new understanding of religion that matches sciences discoveries. This will be addressed in another post about the 2nd Lens interpretations of religion.

One note: Id, Ego and Super-Ego is a triad… are they related to my triad? Another thinking exercise.

Vacation 2008 – Part 1

I have decided to take a VERY LONG vacation. 6 weeks. I haven’t had a chance to have a vacation in the last 4 years. At all. So, I wanted to have this long vacation to re-energize (I am writing this blog on the 4th week of the vacation, but for some reason, I am not energized. I don’t know why. Maybe it is age! Maybe it is lack of aligning my objectives with my dreams. maybe it is fate. I hope I will know one day!)

So, I decided to have a 7 day retreat in Hawaii in my dream setting (A bungalow in the middle of the forest with somesort of a bar where I can have a drink with an umbrella and a cherry). So, I booked for a stay in the Kahala resort and made tentive plans to rent an RV and cruise the west side of California.

But my wife had a sudden sickness due to doctor stupid decision. Nothing fatal, but forced her to stay in bed for… 6 weeks… the same duration as my vacation… fate is playing its games again… I spent the first 2 weeks of the vacation with my wife… although it drained my energy further, but it made me think more about life. I left her on her third week when she was energized and headed to Hawaii… we stayed on constant contact with the technology: MSN was on her face in the bed 24/7 and I was able to see, hear and feel everything, especially her snoring which I need to sleep.

Fate is still playing tricks… and I am still too umwise the learn a lesson… although I am trying to understand it.

Jobs… Fate and Condos!

This week, I got two jobs offers forr two position that came out of the blue… they contacted me and I did not apply!! First, I need to figure out how they hunted me while I am in the end of the world… second, why it came now… when I am really feeling low at my job and my status… synchronicity?? Fate ?? I hope I get the answers one day… but for now… I do not know why I am not enthusiastic about pursuing them seriously… Maybe I have reached a spiritual maturity that I really feel if I am destined to get any of them… it will happen even if I sit on my butt and do nothing… let’s see..

Both jobs will allow me to meet my dream: both will alloww me to live in a luxury condo in a sky scrapper… I want to do this, both will allow me to me alone… one of them will allow me to pursue my research dreams while the other will give me the freedom to let go and focus on the day…

I will see what God is hiding for me… and keep you informed…