Required by Morning After


I was chatting with my employees and I was advising him not put his passion in his emails for it always come out to be wrong… the discussion lead to the concept of passion and if we should be passionate. He was in the learning mode… he was waiting for me to utter the words that he is ready to remeber for the rest of his life… it is one of the life changing moments… so I had to switch to the “life Experience Juice*” mode and uttered the following wisdom of the moment:

“You need to pick up your passionate beliefs that are worth fighting for… not the one’s that will waste your emotions into useless battles”… I admired my juicer that made me say these words. He asked me about my passionates… it was a moment of truth that made me reflect on my personality and figure out my passions:

“I am passionate about helping the people around me to be successful” is what I said. This is true… I discovered that I have that innate drive to help the people around me to discover their best and make them happy, content and fight for their betterment!

“I am passionate to let people use technology to learn”!

“I am passionate to bridge in cultural and paradigm differences between individual”…

I was so amazed of my self to summarize my passions… and to come up with a new to look at my life… Is this my Karma? Yet to find out…

* The “life Experience Juice*” mode is a mental state where I overcharge my intellectual power to make instant decisions based on pulling together all my submerged beliefs to be summarized in a meaningful phrase!

Paradigm Differences

Recently, I have been confused. I am struggling to reach the “wisdom” level… i.e. applying my knowledge! I am able to convey information, to learn and convert information to knowledge… but I am finding difficulty applying the knowledge (i.e. become wise!)

Why can’s I make this breakthrough? I understand the paradigm of others well… however I cannot use their paradigm to transfer my knowledge to them…

I hope I can solve this dilemma.